Art of Intuition


Scientific research has shown that art activates the sensory pathways so we can learn more effectively with the body, mind and emotions.



Therapeutic Intuitive Painting

With Marcela Ewertz – International Artist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Advanced Handwriting Analyst, Certified Therapeutic Imagery Master.
Therapeutic Intuitive Painting is an abstract painting method that I designed years ago to motivate creativity for self-improvement and holistic wellness. It thrives in the present, in a state of awareness.  As the client starts to let go of pre-conceived ideas and limiting expectations and becomes immersed in creativity, inspiration may happen as rapid cognition, a state we sometimes call “gut feeling”. It is a way for the metaphysical to express in the mind, stimulating new wave patterns for wellbeing that are transmitted to the rest of the body. It allows the client to rise from the primitive mechanism of survival in them – fight or flight – to a position of transcendence – that inner shelter that is always intact, where truth and freedom abide.

A Life-Transforming Experience through Creativity

• Intuitive Painting can help the client who is reserved in nature, or who has a hard time relating their feelings through verbal communication and would like to have an outlet to express their emotions.

• It helps to quiet the client’s mind from useless chatter, so that they can be more receptive to their inner guidance through intuition.

• Intuitive Painting can be used when the client desires to experiment with and express a creativity they don’t believe they have and always wished they did. The experience helps them to form new neuro-pathways that they can use later in other areas of their life as they discover their creative attributes.

• It allows the client to find evidence of the power of their mind, which they can also apply to modify their behavior for positive responses rather than reactions to their environmental, physical, mental or emotional challenges.

• It enables the client to find metaphors or visual symbols that can serve as inspiration to overcome blocks, gain clarity and take control over their life as they enjoy the reality of their creative being.


In the same manner that handwriting reflects behavioral and personal traits, when the client manifests their thoughts and feelings with an ideo-motor painting response, without interference of the rational mind, their artwork becomes a mirror to their subconscious – a visual testimony that reveals the client’s mood of the moment and emotional state.

Interview for the program Amazing Mind

How can Art of Intuition help a client?

Creativity happens with perfect timing. The outcome of  a therapeutic intuitive painting session – if not only for the pleasure of connecting to the richness of one’s inner voice – can become very rewarding. Their finished artwork can awaken the client’s emotions, elevate their self-esteem, reduce stress, and give them self-confidence – all feelings that can be helpful to motivate them to achieve positive changes in their behavior, leading them to success in their desired lifestyle results.
Some of the issues that can be successfully addressed in private sessions are:

resistance,     frustration,    inhibition,     self-forgiveness,     worry,      communication,     fear of failure,     anxiety,     self-defeating behavior,     self-control,     assertiveness,     self-criticism,    inferiority,     concentration,     self-awareness,     indecision,     goal attainment,     lack of enthusiasm,     sadness,     change of habits,     creativity,     insecurity,    perfectionism,    problem solving,     self-mastery.


Intuitive painting is a non-diagnostic behavioral counseling tool for self-improvement. It should not be confused with Art therapy, which is in itself, a mental health profession that uses art media to address physical or mental problems.