“Creativity is intelligence having fun”.

-Albert Einstein

Since my early years I have appreciated beauty, recognizing it as being potentially present in the core of all things manifested. As an adult, I felt an impulse to become involved in activities that I believed added richness and beauty to my lifestyle and that of others. I followed the call of the creative energy I felt trapped inside me and started walking the path of fine arts.
In the beginning, I was constantly excusing my work for not meeting with the idea of what art was “supposed” to look like according to the conditioning of my belief system. Not for long though. I realized that with each new artistic venture taken, I was transcending my own judgment and  fear of failure and rejection with a sense of  liberation released in the process of expressing my own creativity.
This was just the beginning. Each of my future paintings would offer me the access to a sheltered state in my mind, where I became in touch with a greater power within. The art media: paper, canvases and wood panels became my best friends. I communicated in the language of my thoughts and feeling – “talking” to my media through my senses, using as tools my hands, spatulas, brushes and paints, uncovering deep emotions and body sensations, which were many. I laughed, I cried, I prayed and my imagination soared. I enjoyed my solitude as the hours went by unaccounted for… and received with gratitude all that the artwork had to say to me. I had entered the dimension of creation, a realm beyond the perception of our physical senses. Needless to say, it had been so  healing and empowering that I developed a therapeutic art teaching style, addressed to harmonizing heart and mind – feeling and reason – for a balanced approach in dealing with life challenges.


My life experience allows me to relate in a multicultural context with ease. Born in Chile, I lived in Australia as a young woman and settled in the United States in 1980.
As a visual, international fine artist, I creatively channel my intuitive knowing into my abstract and figurative expressionist paintings, forming a summary of my experiences.
In addition, as a holistic practitioner for more than 30 years, I focus on facilitating well being in both English and Spanish for individuals who wish to enhance their experience of body, mind and soul. In conjunction with my capacity as an artist, my practice draws expertise from previous studies in psychology, yoga, clinical hypnotherapy and other professional skills to help empower my clients towards the fulfillment of their goals.

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